When deciding how many pages are needed consider navigation and hidden pages.

   $199 - includes:

   One time set-up fee

   3 SEO ready web pages.*

   1 customized form.

   E-mail support

No monthly Hosting Fees! If you sign up through ICG. Do not pay $20+ a month with others!

  $349 - includes:

  One Time set-up fee.

  5 SEO ready web pages*

  1 customized form.

  E-mail support.

  1 Free Phone consultation for site updates.

Call when ready to order.

   $449 includes:

   One Time set-up fee.

  7 SEO ready web pages*

  Up to 2 customized forms.

   Free Privacy Policy page.

  E-mail customization.

  1 specialized web feature at no additional cost.
  E-mail support.

  2 Free Phone consultations for site updates.

ICG offers a number features.  Fees are based on the type of dynamic features you would like to include. Examples  of  a la carte website features:

Additional Web Pages

Pay Pal Buttons and Shopping Carts


Flash Animation Picture Slideshows

Customized Banners - Pictures or Text

Logo Creation

E-mail customization

Domain Registration

Professional Photo Stock

Embedded You Tube Video

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Background Music

Appointment Plus

Embedded Calendars

Other Features

An example of a hidden page is a site map that shows all the pages in website.

All additional pages and features are line-itemed invoiced.

You save $100's of a year by not having to pay a monthly website hosting fee.

* SEO means basic Search Engine Optimized pages with meta tags.  Basic pages are static pages which do not include flash or any other additional features listed above or that may be available.  Fees for additional web pages and features are determined based on customer need and type of feature(s) requested.





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