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We have all heard the excuses: Not enough time!  Costs too much! You do not have to pay monthly hosting fees with us! Unable to update when I want to!  Do you hesitate to give out your business card without a web address or a personalized company e-mail?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, ICG is here to help you eliminate these hurdles to expanding your business.  To learn how we offer solutions to these barriers of success
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“Web Design with Small Biz in Mind!”  - That is our company motto and the reason we entered the web design arena.  ICG was created to meet the web design needs of start-ups, small businesses, and individuals who need self-promotion.  Our goal is to create professional looking, user-friendly websites that enhance your professional image.  To learn more
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ICG offers an easy to follow design process where we focus on the OATS process.
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Why Do I Need a Website Designer
We brush our teeth, yet go to the dentist for a professional cleaning.  We comb our hair, yet still visit stylists.  Focusing your time on growing and maintaining your business is challenging enough; let ICG handle the time consuming process of web design for your organization. We offer the expertise of creating forms, customizing e-mail, flash animation, and other techniques that require hours of training.  ICG has been designated a Yola Expert, what does that mean for you? As an affiliate partner of Yola, your organization gets the best of both worlds: we create a dynamic website for your organization and you have the ability to make instant updates of your content. Click here to fill out the Contact Us Form to begin the process of getting your business online!


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Got Website? - Don't want to pay monthly hosting fees! Not enough time! 
Costs too much! Unable to update when I want to!


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